What Makes Us Bounce
Backyard Bounce & Slide began with a couple of Girl Dads just swapping stories and doting on their daughters. Matt had the idea to buy a bounce house so our girls could get together and bounce anytime they wanted. I thought if we buy one, why not two? If we have two, why not four? And before we were done with our conversation Backyard Bounce & Slide was born!

Matt and I are cousins who grew up on the east side of Indianapolis where we developed similar family values, work ethic, and compassion for our community. Although we share similar values our life paths have been quite different.

I work in the risk and insurance department of a local hospital and serve on the board of directors for a local senior citizen center. I have a love for adventure but I always look both ways before crossing the road and I still hold the handrail when walking downstairs. You would probably call me a helicopter parent!

On the other hand, Matt works in an actual helicopter as an emergency Flight Nurse and is a veteran when it comes to all things "Bounce." He has never met a stranger that didn’t soon become a friend and speaks one language: kindness.

Naturally, we make great partners. Like peanut butter and jelly! We hope your family enjoys our Bounce House rentals as much as we do!


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